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As the official launch of Stephanie Reid Law draws near, I would just like to take a moment to identify the reason and purpose for this venture:

Family picture of attorney Stephanie Reid.

It took us an hour, and several hundred attempts, to capture this image. My son is actually trying to strangle me here.

That’s right – my family! I have two little boys, who are just balls of energy and fill my cup full every day.

In private practice, which was only able to keep me for about two years, I got a taste of what life would be like as a full-time, practicing lawyer-mom. While I am up to the challenge of the work-life-balance merry-go-round, I wanted it to be on my terms. Not my boss’s, and certainly not the traditional terms of legal employment as passed down over the last several hundred years – which when matched with a working mother usually results in the old round hole/square peg dilemma.

I wanted to do something different. Something out of the box. Something extraordinary….

So here we are! Stephanie Reid Law is one of the very first completely web-based law offices in Delaware, and one of several web-based practices emerging in Maryland. The concept is very simple: you need a simple legal service? Contact me, we’ll get it done.

 Why choose Stephanie Reid Law for your legal issues?

My goal is to eliminate the stress, confusion and hassle that plagues the traditional legal sphere. In this day and age, it is absolutely ridiculous to think you need to pay a $5,000 retainer to handle a routine family law matter.

Likewise, everyone should have an estate plan – even if it is just a Last Will and Testament. And I want to help everyone accomplish this task!

Here on this blog, you can expect a mixed bag of content. Sometimes, we will feature highlights and updates occurring in Delaware or Maryland. Other times, we will discuss certain specific legal services we offer and why you should only consider us for the routine legal work. And, in addition to the legal jargon, we’ll probably also venture off into context of working lawyer moms – and how we manage to keep it all together!

 Give Stephanie Reid Law a try — You won’t be disappointed!

I’m so pleased and honored you have stopped by my site, and I would love nothing more than to get to know you and discuss your legal issues. If you have questions about the process or would like to know if a certain service is available on our site, shoot me an email: Stephanie[at]StephanieReidLaw.com. This is an actual email address that comes directly to me – not a paralegal, assistant or receptionist. We don’t have those. It’s how we stay cheap!

I look forward to working with you in the future and hope to hear from you soon!

All the best,




  1. Bill Reidlinger says

    Too bad you’re not licensed in PA or you would have your first client today 🙂 You wouldn’t have to tell anyone it’s your dad. Oh well, guess I’ll have to move to DE to get my well deserved pro bono services!!

  2. Jen Nester says

    I agree with Bill!!

    This is great Stephanie!

    You give wonderful legal advice and you know how to make it in terms that little ole me can understand!

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