Virtual Law Office

Stephanie Reid Law is committed to providing Delaware and Maryland residents with the utmost in customer service and legal counsel. Our business model revolves around a sincere dedication to keeping costs low, thereby providing attorney access to a greater number of clients who may otherwise be unable to afford traditional full representation.

What are ‘unbundled’ or ‘limited scope’ legal services?

The traditional model of legal representation requires clients to pay a large amount of money up front, known as a retainer, against which an attorney bills as a case progresses. Under this model, the attorney charges for every aspect of a case from beginning to end, and the average small matter usually costs between $3,000 and $5,000 – and much more for complex cases.

Unbundled service, also known as limited scope representation, breaks apart the traditional soup-to-nuts representation into affordable pieces. The client is expected to participate in her own representation while the attorney offers advice, document drafting, court coaching or other services as needed.

How is this website different from sites like

When you sign up with Stephanie Reid Law, you engage in a full attorney-client relationship. You have access to your attorney from start to finish. Your attorney is licensed in Delaware and Maryland and trained in the law of these jurisdictions. You can rest assured that your documents or advice are correct under state statutes and are individually tailored to your situation.

Sites like or offer one-size-fits all documents that may or may not apply in your situation. When you download a document from these sites, you have not established an attorney-client relationship with a lawyer, nor can you guarantee the document you receive comports with Delaware or Maryland law. Likewise, access to a Delaware or Maryland attorney, if possible, costs significantly more than the advertised fee for the document.

What are the benefits of the virtual model versus a traditional law office?

In a word: overhead. We have hardly any, and those savings are passed down directly to the client. In a traditional law office, the costs of legal services include expenses like rent, utilities, payroll, stately wooden desks and cushy leather chairs. Your web-based lawyer has significantly lower monthly expenses and can offer services at a much more affordable rate.

Other benefits include:

  • Invoicing on flat-fee versus billable-hour basis;
  • No need to make an appointment, travel across town, or take time off work to meet with your lawyer;
  • No consultation fees;
  • No exorbitant retainer agreements;
  • Have a question? Send an email! Clients enjoy unlimited access by email or phone for a low monthly fee;

I need an estate planning package. Should I use the virtual law office model?

Absolutely! Our law office offers well-drafted, Delaware- or Maryland-specific estate planning packages. You have full access to your attorney during the process and can make unlimited changes to the drafts. You do not need to make an appointment or pay a consultation fee for your estate planning matters. You simply register on the client portal, fill out the required information and your attorney will take it from there.

I have a legal document that I don’t quite understand, but I don’t want to engage an attorney for such a small matter. Should I try the virtual law office?

This situation is perfect for the virtual law office model. Depending upon the nature of your question and the complexity of the document, you will pay a flat fee for your attorney to review the document and explain it to you via email or phone call. You can avoid costly consultation fees and receive a thorough answer quickly.

I have a simple family law matter. Should I try limited scope representation?

If you have a family law matter, and you feel comfortable representing yourself in court if necessary, limited scope representation is likely the best option for your case. Your virtual lawyer will offer unlimited legal advice via email or phone, as well as help you draft your documents and understand the court process. Also, you can expect to spend thousands less by working with Stephanie Reid Law as opposed to engaging a lawyer under the traditional model. For a hypothetical illustration of how your case might be handled under both models, and the savings you can expect using limited scope representation, click here.

Ready To Get Started? 

If you are ready to get started, just follow these simple steps:

Step One: Sign up with Stephanie Reid Law by registering as a client. You must register for the state in which you are a resident.

Step Two: E-sign the Terms & Conditions and Limited Services Agreements, which will be provided upon login.

Step Three: Choose the correct documents to meet your needs. If you need advice or assistance, send us a secure, confidential message through your secure client portal. We are available to answer any questions you have about any of our products.

Step Four: Answer the questionnaire accompanying your document. Once you are finished, your document will be sent for final attorney review. Once the final drafts are complete, we will send you the final product securely through your client portal. From there, print your documents and follow the attached instructions for proper execution.

Note: If you are interested in document review services or need general legal advice, please follow the steps to create a client account and we will work together through your secure client portal to address your needs!