At Stephanie Reid Law, we offer a wide variety of legal services to meet your specific needs. With the convenience of our totally web-based model, you can communicate with your attorney over secure email, choose the document or service you need, and complete the entire transaction totally online!

Upon registration, you will have access to a menu of documents and services within each of the following popular categories:

  • Estate Planning
  • General Legal (e.g., consumer matters or landlord/tenant issues)
  • Business & Corporate
  • Families & Children

In addition, we offer several other convenient options for business owners, consumers and proprietors, including those with needs pertaining to human resources, buying/selling goods, complaint letters, trusts, collections matters and contract drafting.

If you are more interested in general legal advice and would like to purchase time with us, we offer legal advice by email, phone call, or via webcam for a low hourly rate of just $125.00.

At Stephanie Reid Law, we are enthusiastic about our ability to provider a wider array of legal services to a broader audience – and believe all should have an equal opportunity to access legal services.

If you are ready to get started, be sure to sign up on our Home page – and we look forward to working with you!