General Legal

Have a legal question or need a specialized legal document? Stephanie Reid Law can help! Below are the most commonly-requested legal services and corresponding prices. However, we offer a wide variety of documents and solutions for those with consumer law, landlord/tenant or other legal issues.

Consumer Matters:

General Demand Letter: $35.00

Bill of Sale: $40.00

Complaint Letter: $25.00

Cease and Desist: $50.00


For Landlords: Monthly subscription to unlimited legal services pertaining to your rental properties (Includes demand letters, eviction notices, complaints, legal advice)…$200.00 per month

Agricultural Lease: $200.00

Residential Lease: $250.00

Commercial Lease: $300.00

Elder Law:

Miller Trust: $175.00

Elder Care Agreement: $250.00

Adult Guardianship Package: Includes Petition for Appointment of Guardian, required affidavits, final Order and appearance at guardianship hearing: $850.00

General Documents:

Affidavit (Any Purpose): $50.00

Deeds: $75.00