4 Reasons Our Web-Based Delaware Law Firm Snubs the Competition

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Web-based legal services – online and on time.

The internet is chock-full of junk – this we know. Especially when it comes to the legal realm, it can be very difficult to get a straight, accurate answer to a simple question online without questioning the validity of the author or the accuracy of the content. On the other hand, however, making an appointment at a traditional lawyer’s office, taking time off of work, and paying hundreds of dollars for an answer to your question is not really working for you either.


We get it. And we’re here to help you separate the online junk from the gems.


We are your gem. And here is why:


#1 – Convenience


Our web-based law firm is convenient to use, and available to you 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Once you are a client, you can expect a response from your Delaware lawyer within a couple hours of sending your message – and whatever you need will be addressed quickly and accurately. Which brings us to our next point….


#2 – Accuracy


Most web-based legal sites are authored by former paralegals, law students, or lawyers in a hurry to make some cash. In many cases, these sites do not pay well, and are sort of a last resort for those in the legal community struggling to make extra money. The legal analysis may be correct, or it may not – the editors aren’t much better. If you are looking for an answer online, and want it from a licensed, educated Delaware attorney – let’s get started! Otherwise, there is really no telling who is on the other end of that article you’re reading.


#3 – Cost effectiveness


Let’s be realistic. Most families do not have tons of extra money lying around to finance an answer to a simple or mildly-complex legal question. Unfortunately, traditional firms have to pay the bills (payroll, utilities, rent, etc.) – and these expenses are wrapped up into the cost of counseling you. With a Delaware online law firm, the expenses are minimal (hosting fee, a little marketing here and there), resulting in a much less costly experience for the client. If you need an answer to a question, or would like assistance getting your paperwork in order for a routine family court matter – don’t spend thousands. Sign up with us and we’ll get it done for a fraction of the cost.


#4 – On your terms


We know that, most often, people need a lawyer during a negative point in their life. Maybe you are looking to modify your custody order because you don’t trust your co-parent. Maybe you have decided it is finally time to put a Delaware or Maryland estate plan together – but don’t really want to contemplate your own death. Whatever the situation, it can get emotional – and you likely don’t want to be pouring your heart out in a sterile, cold, lawyer’s office under harsh fluorescent lighting. When you’re ready to get started with what you need, we’re here. And you can access your account from the comfort of your home – on your terms.


Ready to get started?


At Stephanie Reid Law, we offer document preparation services, estate planning, and can provide answers to your legal questions for a low flat-rate fee. If you would like to get started, register with us today and let’s get started! You can contact Stephanie directly by emailing Stephanie [at] StephanieReidLaw.com!