10 Reasons to Protect Your Business With a Childcare Protection Package – Part 2

Earlier this month, we explored several reasons why a Childcare Protection Package is a vital and integral component to your business. If you are like most childcare providers, you worked very hard to get your business up and running – and continue to maintain a steadfast dedication to your line of work. Caring for the child of others is often grueling, tiresome work. But as those of us with experience know, it is also one of the most rewarding professions out there.


In today’s post, we follow up with several additional reasons why a Childcare Protection Package can help your business avoid costly and devastating liability, as well as uncomfortable conflict with parents over matters that could easily be worked out ahead of time.


So, without further ado,


#4:       Custody/Visitation/PFA Acknowledgement Forms & Policy: As your children grow and evolve, so too do their families. When working with children whose parents have divorced, are in the process of divorcing, or were never married, it is vital to understand the precise child custody and visitation arrangement between the parents, as well as any orders in place that may restrict a certain individual’s access to the child (e.g., an estranged family member or former significant other). Our package includes a form for each parent to fill out detailing the nature of their relationship with the co-parent. As well, if any custody or visitation orders are in place, the parents must provide this information to the provider for safekeeping in the file. Lastly, if court orders change or if any sort of restrictions are issued, one or both parents (depending upon the situation), must submit the updated information within 3 business days of the order. This protects you are the provider from any sort of conflict with family members in the event an issue arises, as you can clearly rely upon the contents of your Acknowledgement Forms to combat any contentions.


#3:       Third-Party Pick-Up Policies: As a provider, you come to know your primary pick-up/drop-off parent extremely well over the weeks, months, and years you are caring for their child. And, of course, there will be evenings when mom or dad cannot make to your center on time to pick up their child, and a grandparent or family friend as agreed to pick up the slack. This may be convenient for the parent, but how are you – as the provider – to know whether this person is a safe and responsible individual to be transporting such precious cargo? In our opinion, any person who is likely to be picking up a child at some point should be made aware of your business policies, advised of your rules and regulations, and required to sign an acknowledgement form stating as such. What’s more, third-parties should expect to show proper identification at the door, and will be immediately turned away and asked to leave if the provider suspects any evidence of intoxication. In sum, your Childcare Protection Package will contain a shortened set of documents for third-parties to fill out and sign, thereby further insulating your business from claims by family members and friends of your clients.


Ready to get started? Email us today: ChildCarePackage@StephanieReidLaw.com

Ready to get started? Email us today: ChildCarePackage@StephanieReidLaw.com

#2:       Liability Waivers: If you transport children or take children to recreational areas (e.g., parks or pools) to play, a liability waiver is a must. The average broken bone can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of medical bills and, depending upon your insurance deductible, could be coming directly out of your pocket. The laws in Delaware and Maryland vary on this issue, and our office can help you determine what sort of liability you can avoid with a parental waiver – and what sort you cannot.


Along these lines, liability waivers are also helpful in avoiding costly lawsuits for parents and adults injured on your property. The possibilities are endless, particularly if you have steep steps, a driveway that tends to ice over or is unpaved, or any other potential hazards on your property. Of course, the best advice is to keep your property save and hazard-free, however a premises liability waiver can come in very handy in the event a parent in six-inch stilettos tumbles down your front stoop following a major ice storm. Yes, it has happened.


#1:       The Contract & Parent Handbook: Your provider contract is the backbone of your business. It sets the rules, expectations, and obligations between you as the childcare provider and your client base. A comprehensive, all-inclusive contract is an absolute must – and it should be accompanied by a thorough parent handbook as well. While the contract sets forth the legal promises between you and your parents, the parent handbook provides elaborate and detailed information to (hopefully) address any and all scenarios that could arise in your daycare. Of course, with our Childcare Protection Package, your contract, handbook, and all other forms will be consistent and legal – thereby protecting you and your business from the unexpected.


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