10 Reasons to Protect Your Business With a Childcare Protection Package – Part 1

Later this month, Stephanie Reid Law plans to kick off a new business component: Protection packages for home daycare providers and small business childcare centers. We ♥ our childcare providers and want to see their businesses protected from difficult situations unique to this industry. For many in this industry, their business grew out of a sincere devotion to helping families nurture and enrich their children while both parents pursued a fulfilling career. I know I couldn’t do what I do without my hero childcare provider!


Over the next several weeks, hundreds of providers across Delaware and Maryland will receive a handy postcard detailing the protection packages we offer, as well as an invitation to check out our site and get to know Stephanie Reid Law and what it has to offer. If you are a potential client considering investing in some business protection, consider the following reasons why this package could help protect your hard-earned business from unnecessary liability, claims, and conflict:


#10: Sick Policies: As a daycare provider, you are undoubtedly intimately familiar with sick children. You also know that certain contagious conditions can spread like wildfire to not only your other children, but to your own family as well. In the event a child comes down with a serious strain of flu virus or a similarly life-threatening illness, you will need an ironclad sick policy to protect all other families from serious harm from unnecessary exposure. And, in the event a child becomes ill, your thoroughly-documented sick policy could help protect you from claims and conflict.


#9: Medicine Administration Policy: Medication and medical treatments are a necessary component to the daily operation of a childcare center. However, inaccurate dosages, missed treatments or unexpected reactions to medication can cause major nightmares for the provider – as well as invite claims of injury from parents. With a thorough childcare protection package, you can make certain dosages are clearly communicated by the parent, the time and amount of the medication is logged, and the parent has certified there are no known allergies or interactions of which you should be aware.


Worried about unnecessary risk? Contact us today to get started!

Worried about unnecessary risk? Contact us today to get started!

#8: Confidentiality: In today’s world of over-sharing, confidentiality may seem like a misnomer. However, in the childcare realm, confidentiality remains one of the top priorities for parents and families – particularly with regard to a child’s behavior, medical situation, or familial structure. As a provider, the last thing you want is for sensitive information about a child or parent to become public knowledge. As such, our package includes confidentiality agreements to be signed by both the provider and each new family – thereby protecting the integrity of both the center and its clients.


#7: Licensing Requirements: It goes without saying that, as a childcare provider, you are keenly aware of the requirements to open and maintain your business. However, as regulations grow and evolve, a handy and comprehensive summary of your state’s requirements may prove helpful to you in the event a situation arises that may be new to you. Your package will contain a comprehensive check list of licensing and maintenance requirements for either Delaware or Maryland, depending upon your location.


#6: Driveway Policy: The driveway can be the most dangerous place in your home, particularly if a large group of parents pick up and drop off at the same time. Disaster can strike at any moment, and you simply must make each parent aware of proper protocol when picking up or dropping off children. While it goes without saying that each child’s safety is your number one concern, proof that an injury-prevention policy was in place in the event of an accident can also protect you and your business from claims of negligence for lack of supervision.


#5: Abuse Reporting: Delaware and Maryland are two states extremely committed to the detection and prevention of physical, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse of children. As a childcare provider, you are a mandatory reporter in the event suspicions arise. In your childcare protection packet, we will include a list of “red flags” to consider, as well as the correct hotline numbers and contact agencies if you suspect abuse. We also recommend having your parents sign off that each is aware of the policies, and there will be zero tolerance for any sort of harmful acts toward your children. Period.


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Stay tuned for Part 2 of our post on why a childcare protection package is necessary and vital for your business. As well, if you are interested in this investment for your business or would like to get started on our questionnaire, send us an email at ChildCarePackage[at]StephanieReidLaw.com today!

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